Common Beauty Salon Treatments for Under $50

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Most beauty salons will have a couple of things in common. The first is their need for beauty therapists; the majority of which will be highly qualified whilst specialising in a particular treatment. The second is their need to keep their prices competitive – and this in itself can be pretty appealing to those like you that might want to save a bit of cash.

Now we know what you’re thinking… a stylish treatment with world-class results for under $50? That’s preposterous! Well it might have been in the past, but these days – thanks in no small part for the need for salons to keep their costs as low as possible – even the more luxurious premises can offer a range of services for less than $50. What types of therapies will be available at this type of price range? Here’s a look at some of our favourites.

Common beauty salon treatments for those on a budget

$50 can get you a lot these days, especially if you know where to look. Sure, there will be salons that want to keep their costs high in an effort to come across as exclusive and higher quality than others in your area; but how much more effective can a treatment get if the person practicing it is qualified and fully licensed?

Some of our favourites include facial treatments; especially those that work to remove dead and dying skin cells without the need for chemicals. In fact it’s the use of chemicals that can actually ramp the price up – and as effective as they might be, there’s nothing wrong with using organic formulas to offer the same types of results.

It’s not just facials that can be enjoyed for less than $50 either – there are also a host of therapies and treatments that can be just as cost effective. What are they you ask? Well, how about a quick manicure or a pedicure? These treatments can cost as little as $30 in some cases; more than affordable enough for most budgets.

Then there are the more luxurious options out there that are paid for by the hour. What are these you ask? Well, how does the sound of immersing yourself into a mud bath sound? Not so appealing? What if you consider the fact that the mud within the bath will be high in nutrients and minerals that are capable of replenishing your skin cells and offering a youthful appearance to your dermal layers?

Then there’s massage – another service that can be paid for in increments. You could go for a full hour if your budget allows, or you could opt for 30 minutes (or even 15 minutes in some cases). All of the above can be enjoyed without hurting your bank balance, whilst still allowing you to reap the rewards of these types of treatments, so why not take a look at what’s in your area right now?